The All New BTS Exhibition 2016

The Warwick Exhibition Centre”



As you all know the 2015 BTS Exhibition was incredibly successful thanks to the support of the exhibitors and all of the visitors who attended. With the Ricoh we really thought we had found a venue that we could grow into and one that would allow us to expand the event in future years. Sadly after the event we tried to book the Ricoh Arena for 2016 only to be told that, whist we would be welcome back, the price would be increased by 70% and this was not open to discussion. This meant that the venue would be beyond our price limits. Further to this the Ricoh decided to increase parking charges to £3.50 per car and remove all concessions on the rooms at the hotel. We feel that this is unacceptable and plain greedy on their part. We refuse to pass this cost on to either the exhibitors or the visitors and after a “discussion” with the Ricoh we have decided to withdraw from the venue. We are frankly disgusted by their attempt to capitalise on our success and we have told them as much.

This of course means that we were left with the problem of finding another venue (quickly) of equal capacity that would not be cost prohibitive and one that would allow us to expand. After some searching we have indeed found such a venue. It is bigger than the Ricoh (2200 sqm), has FREE parking for all, excellent catering facilities (a 200 seat restaurant and separate coffee bar) that are very reasonably priced. There are a number of great hotels in the area and we have negotiated excellent rates at one of them. This means that we will not have to increase prices to either the traders or the general public.

The 2016 BTS Exhibition will be held at:

 The Warwick Exhibition Centre”



The NEW Venue: Another Exhibition sets up but what a size !








What they said about the 2015 Exhibtion

Hi Ray, now that the dust has settled a big thanks for Sunday, first time attending and we thought it was an excellent event, very well organised, top venue and brilliant atmosphere.  Please pass out regards to all of the organisation staff.  Hopefully we will see you at the next event “  Clayton Patilla (Exhibitor)

“Just recovering from the incredible show at the British Tarantula Society on Sunday, this has been the biggest show, a magnificent event with a wonderful layout, no overcrowding inside (although the queue to get in was huge) so plenty of space to walk about and see tables and a great friendly atmosphere, this one will take some beating, a big thank you to all who worked so hard to keep it as smooth as it was and to all who attended.”

Graham and Janice:  Metamorphosis (Exhibitor)

I have traded at every BTS Exhibition since 1985 and this is without doubt the best yet”

Matt: Custom Aquaria

Crufts of TARANTULAS – 50,000 spiders compete for best in show 

 “Remember a spider is for life not just for Halloween”

The biggest exhibition ever !

“Make your list”


Not long now……..

Tarantulas, books and equipment,

T-shirts and jewellery for sale

Trade stands
Society Exhibition

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Please note that the display or sale of reptiles and other vertebrates is strictly forbidden.  Any exhibitor or visitor found to be breaking this rule will be asked to leave and their membership may be revoked.  The BTS Exhibition has always been for invertebrates only.