Exhibitors for 2016




 We have  68 Exhibitors with over 1146 ft of trading space. 



Ruby Adams:                                                 Tarantula breeder

Ruby joins us for the first time this year with captive bred spiders. Welcome Ruby

Amazing Reptiles:                                           Dry goods and gifts

Amazing by name , amazing by nature. A great selection of gifts and spider associated goods. Dont miss them.

Dave Arnold (IHS Nottingham):                       Tarantulas

Captive bred spiders for sale

Matt Arnold:                                                   Tarantulas

Captive bred spiders for sale

Arthropoda (France):                                      Phasmids and insects

Our old friends from France return with a superb array of phasmids and stick insects. Always have great stock

Menart Benoit (France):                                 Tarantulas

Captive bred spiders

Stefan Birkus:                                                Tarantulas

Captive bred spiders

Bonita Mariposa:                                           Hand made jewellery

Tony joins us for the first time with his excellent selection of hand made jewellery.

Roch Brezinski:                                             Tarantulas

Captive bred spiders

British Arachnological Society:                      British spider society

The British Arachnolpgical Society is one of the oldest ongoing spider clubs in the World

British Tarantula Society:                              Your hosts

Your hosts. Join the BTS and become part of the oldest ongoing tarantula society in the World

BUGZ:                                                          Spiders and Insects

Spiders, scorpions, bugs and insects galore.



Bush Grub:                                                   Exotic foods

Exotic foods. Go on try it you might like it.

Paul Carpenter:                                            Tarantulas and bugs

Ex BTS Committee member Paul has a great selection of bugs and beetles for sale

Graham Cook:                                             Tarantulas

Cornish Crispa:                                            Dry goods

Custom Aquaria:                                          Glass vivaria

Matt has been with us from the start and needs no introduction. Premier glass vivaria

DD Reptiles:                                                 Tarantulas

Captive bred spiders

Warren Davies:                                            Tarantulas

An old friend of the BTs, Warren has been breeding tarantulas for many years

Exotic Pets:                                                 Tarantulas

Karen and her team always delight us with the amazing selection of spiders

Ray Gabriel:                                                 Tarantulas

Ray has been around so long he is part of the fixtures and fittings of the exhibition. A leading taxonomist and knowledgable guy. Stop by his table for a chat

Gemini Storage                                            Plastic Storage Containers

New to the BTS Exhibition this year. Plastic boxes in all sizes at superb prices

Maria Gombasne (Hungary):                        Tarantulas

Hosts of the BTS Budapest Lectures Maria and Lazslo bring with them one of the finest collection of captive bred tarantulas we have ever seen

Peter Grabowitz (Germany):                         Spiders and tarantulas

Pete has been with us for over 20 years and always has an unusual selection of animals

Gribblybugs:                                                Dry goods

From bug hunting to moth watching Tim has it all for sale.

Tel Hicks:                                                    Artwork

Tel is one of the best reptile and invert artists around. His work is second to none and his T-shirts and prints are a must.

Mark Holder                                                Tarantulas

Olaf Hopp (Germany):                                 Tarantulas

Captive bred tarantulas from Germany

Rob Hutton:                                                Tarantulas

Another old friend, Rob has bred thousands of spiders.

Invicta:                                                        Arachnid Club

Chris and his team from Invicta Arachnid Group (SEAS Show) are always welcome at the BTS

Sven Koepler (Germany):                            Tarantulas

Tarantulas and spiders

Jurgen Kruger (Germany):                          Glass Vivaria

Jurgen is new to the BTS this year but we welcome him on board

Curtis Lakin:                                              Phasmids

There is not much Curtis doesn’t know bout phasmids and stick insects.

LB Carving:                                               Chain Saw carvings

Amazing sculptures in wood

Damian Marciniak:                                    Tarantulas

Asian tarantulas a speciality

Garry McGeown:                                      Tarantulas

Metamorphosis:                                       Tarantulas and insects

Graham and Janice have a great selection of inverts and are two of the most helpful and friendly exhibitors at the show

Steve Metcalf:                                         Tarantulas

Captive bred tarantulas from a true gentleman.

Midland Exotics:                                      Tarantulas

Spiders and Tarantulas

MK Exotics:                                            Tarantulas

Spiders and Tarantulas

Sonja Netopil (Germany):                        Tarantulas

Sonja is a legend. She makes the trio every year from Germany. Rucksak on her back and a true friend of the club

Jaroslaw Palasz (Poland):                       Tarantulas

We met Jaroslaw in Budapest and  he amzaed us with his selection of tarantulas

Clayton Patilla :                                      Tarantulas

Tarantulas and spiders

Repxotics:                                             Dry goods and live food

Repxotics will have selection of food and other dry goods for sale.

Arthur Sackett:                                      Fossils, shells and gifts

Arthur has been with us for many years and his array of gemstones, fossils and shells are superb

Safe 4:                                                  Cleaning Solutions

Cleanliness is so important in then hobby and Safe 4 have all that you need.

Savanah London:                                  Dry goods

Michael Scheller (Germany):                  Tarantulas

Michael will be displaying his usual selection of excellent tarantulas

Jakub Skowronek (Poland):                  Tarantulas

Again we met Jakub in Budapest and he too will have a great selection

Alex Smith:                                          Tarantulas

Helen Stuart:                                       Stick Insects and Bugs

South West Tarantulas                        Tarantulas

New to the BTS for 2016. Welcome on board guys.

The Spider Shop:                                Tarantulas

Lee and his crew need no introduction. If its can be bred he will have it!

Tarantula Barn:                                   Tarantulas

Steve Paine will have an excellent selection of tarantulas

Paul Travers:                                       Tarantulas

Luke Tydwell:                                      Ant Colonies

Jean Michel Verdez (France):              Tarantulas

The legend that is Jean Michel Verdez. There is nothing this man does not know about tarantulas. Go on test him I dare you.

Thomas Vinmann (Germany):              Tarantulas

Thomas returns to the BTS for 2016 and will no doubt have a good selection of spiders

Jackie Younger                                                 Tarantulas and spiders


More to follow. Watch this space


Ray Hale