Exhibitors for 2018


I will be updating this list as we get closer to the Exhibition


Last year we  had 14 new Exhibitors and many old friends

This year we have already had over 70 tables booked and welcome another four new exhibitors so far

70 Traders in all with over 200 tables

If you want it….we have it



“Bringing the Worlds Arachnologists together”

The biggest and the best!

We  currently have  70 Exhibitors with over 1200 ft of trading space.

Lots of new exhibitors this year!

Joel Andreiser

Captive bred spiders

Ruby Adams


Amazing Reptiles

The guys from Amazing Reptiles are just that. Amazing. Great gifts

Dave Arnold (IHS) Nottingham

The IHS are as always welcome at the BTS Exhibition. Many of us started our careers in the hobby as members of this fine organisation


Bringing with them a superb array of phasmids, stick insects and assorted bugs our French friends are a welcome addition to the exhibition

"United We Stand"

Bach Ma Breeding (NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Captive bred spiders and insects

Josef Bodor

Captive bred spiders

Samantha Borret (NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Everything you need for the perfect set up.

Karen Baker (Exotic Pets)

Karen and her team always impress us with their magnificent collection

Bonita Marisposa

Tony (aka.The Carnage Cockroach!) joins us for a second year as an exhibitor to the show. His stand just gets better. Hand made personal jewelry with a twist. T-Shirts etc

British Arachnological Society

The BAS are most welcome at the BTS Exhibition. Many of our young members now hold council places with this academic society

British Tarantula Society

Your hosts for the 32nd Exhibition. The oldest and biggest tarantula society. Come and say hi and join us and become a member of the best tarantula society in the World


Insects, spiders and all things creepy crawly. Martin is a long time supporter of the BTS and  will no doubt have a great selection

Paul Carpenter

Spider and bug expert with many years experience and an ex BTS Committee member. Paul has been a great friend of the club for many years

Mike Conabeer (NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Mike is an old friend of the BTS and now runs a very successful business called Rattlesnake Canyon in Birmingham. Welcome back Mike.

Graeme Cook

Live inverts and plants

Cornish Crispa

Matt Ford brings with him everything you could possibly need to get started in the hobby. From tanks to heat mats, substrate to foliage Matt has it all. This year he will also have ant colonies.

Custom Aquaria

Matt and his team of lovely girls are always a welcome site at the show. The only trader to appear at every show for 32 years. Glass tanks par excellence. If you don’t own a Custom Aquaria tank you cant call yourself a spider enthusiast.

Dark Space Exotics (NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Captive bred spiders and inverts

Warren Davies

Warren has a wealth of experience and this is his second time as a dealer at the exhibition. We wish him well.

DD Reptiles

Third year for DD Reptiles. Captive bred spiders

Exo Factory(NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Polish exhibitors first time at the event. Spiders

Timm Evertebrata(NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Vogelspinnen-Interessensgemeinschaft Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg e.V. We are proud to welcome the German tarantula Society on board this year and look forward to working closely with them in the future

Ray Gabriel

A man who needs no introduction. One of the Worlds leading taxonomist and a frequent visitor to the wilds of Central America

Curtis Gissane(NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Tarantulas and insects

Maria Gombasne (Macilacispiders)

Our great friends from Hungary. One of the biggest

breeders in Europe at the moment with too many spiders to possibly count

Martin Goss

Martin and Stephen always surprise us with their stock even after so many years

Peter Grabowitz

Peter joins us from Germany and he is as always welcome

Mark Harrison(NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)


Tel Hicks

Tel is a superb artist and is a legend both in the reptile and spider world. Prints, T Shirts and caps. His artwork is second to none

Hits Tarantulas(NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

First time at the event and they are most welcome

Olaf Hopp

A huge selection of spiders from Germany

Rob Hutton

An old friend of the BTS and a well respected captive breeder for many years


The Invicta Arachnid Club hosts the SEAS show in January and we have always had very close ties with them. Welcome back guys. Congratulations on a brilliant show this year

Danny Jubb(NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Insect Bush Tucker

The Spider Courage Experience: (NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Highly successful arachnophobia workshops run  by Britain Kitten and Harley Street psychologist Adam Cox.

Curtis Lakin

Phasmids galore from Curtis with advice and knowledge

LB Carving

A welcome return to the BTS Exhibition this year. Unique wood carvings with a chainsaw. This stuff is amazing and will shock you. What else is there to say! Buy it!

Amy Lovatt

Bugs and millipedes galore plus personalised cartoons.

MK Exotics

Everything for the perfect set up and dry goods and plants

Damian Marciniak

A specialist in Asian theraphosids


Garry and Beverly return with their captive bred spiders. Old friends who are welcome back


Janice and Graham have been supporters of the BTS for many years. You are always guaranteed a warm welcome and a good deal form Metamorphosis

Steve Metcalf

Another old friend of the BTS with a fine array of captive bred spiders

Sonja Netopil

What do you have if you travel half way across Europe with a rucksack and a smile? Our German friend, Sonja Netopil of course

Clayton Patilla

Captive bred spiders

Jaroslaw Palasz

We met these guys a couple of years ago in Hungary and they join us for the second year. The BTS welcomes their Polish friends

Phasmid Study Group

A great chance to learn more about theses fascinating creatures.

Francois Primo and Christophe Marec

Captive bred spiders from France

Portsmouth Tarantulas

Spiders galore

Gavin Ridley(NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Spiders, inverts, live food and equipment


Everything you need to create that perfect set up

Jeremy Steeden (NEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Natural history bookseller and natural history prints. First time at the BTS exhibition . Welcome Jeremy


If you missed Marianna and the cutest spiders in the World last year then make a bee line to her stand this year for her collectables furry spiders and bats. Unmissable!

Stratford Butterfly Farm

Buterflies and bugs. What more could you want?

Jakub Skowronek

Jakub is an awesome guy and his knowledge is superb. Polish spiders that will blow your mind

Andrew Smith

Retired ex –chairman of the BTS and one of the founding fathers of our hobby. His new DVD “1640, The First Tarantula” Is being launched at the exhibition. I’ve seen it and its great. If you are interested in where it all began then this is for you as it comes with free DVD of the history of the BTS. We have come along way since the 1st Exhibition held in garage!

Helen Stuart

Stunning stick insects, mantids, beetles and moths

The Spider Shop

Lee needs no introduction. His support for the show is unwaivering. He has the biggest selection of spiders I have ever seen

Tony Stevens

Tony is a superb photographer and his close up macro spider work will leave you speechless

Paul Travers

Captive bred spiders

Jean M Verdez (France)

The legend that is JM Verdez. Few people can boast this guys experience. He is one of the most respected people in the hobby and a damn nice guy

Benoit Menoit (France)

The second year for Benoit. Captive bred spiders and always happy to chat.

Christian and Stephan Trotscher (GermanyNEW EXHIBITOR FOR 2017)

Spiders and tarantulas

Thomas Vinmann (Germany)





More to follow. Watch this space


Ray Hale